Which Online Poker Game Should You Play

When you join a good quality online casino, you will immediately notice just how many Poker game variations there are. Whether you want to play a game of Texas Hold’em against some other online players, or you want to play a game such as Caribbean Stud Poker against the house, there is a lot of options for you within your online casino account.

If you are not sure how to play some of the Poker games that are in the casino, then you should spend a bit of time to learn them by playing some hands. If you are playing one of the games that you are the only player and playing against the house, then you can play minimum bets for a while and learn how the game works.

If you want to play some of the live Poker games against other online players, then you need to find the lower limit games and get yourself involved on the more relaxed games. Also, Poker tournaments are a good option for you to learn some of the different Poker games, and the most effective playing tactics also.

Playing online video Poker

One of the most popular slot games is still video Poker. Games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild have been played in Casinos for many years, and they are still some of the most sort after games to play. So it is no surprise that most of the bigger online casinos will have several different video Poker games available for you to play.

All experienced slot players know that video Poker holds one of the best win percentages for the player, much higher than regular reel slot games. This is the main reason why the accomplished players will always look for these games to play. But they are also fun to play as well, and you get the excitement that Poker brings, along with the speed that a slot game provides.

There are new video Poker games being added to the online casinos on a regular basis, so you will always have plenty of options when it comes to playing Poker online. Once you have a grasp of the concept of the game, you will quickly be able to adapt to the many different variations of it.

Top Three Most Popular Poker Variations in Online Poker Rooms

It’s no mystery that poker is by far the most popular card game at casinos the world over, online or otherwise.  Poker owes at least a part of that popularity to the fact that there are so many different ways to play it, with rule sets coming from all corners of the world that are still in use today! Every gamer knows that you can’t win if you don’t know the game, so check out our list of the top three most popular poker variations in online poker rooms and casinos.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Everyone’s favorite poker rule set, Texas Hold ‘Em rules state the players only receive two cards each, with the rest of the hand being dealt upwards for the table to see. Texas Hold ‘Em is a high stakes strategy variation of poker and can be found at any online casino on the web.

Omaha High

One of the most prolific rule sets in the world, Omaha high is played in high stakes tournaments across the web. Learning the four car format of Omaha High can be extremely profitable to a gamer with the money to bankroll a few high stakes games.

Seven Card Stud

Some would say that Seven Card Stud is the only way to play poker.  In this variation, each player gets three cards each, places their bets, and then is dealt another card, continuing until each player has 7 cards. Not all online casinos offer Seven Card Stud, so keep your eye out to try this game when you can.

Tips for a New Online Poker Player

Playing poker online is a great way to have fun and make a little extra cash on the side, especially if you’re good.  Like all other games you find in online casinos, poker is first and foremost a form of gambling, however there are a few tips that can help you improve your chances of coming out ahead of your opponents in online poker.

Pick Your Strategy

There are a number of popular poker strategies that online gamers follow. It’s suggested that beginners adopt a cautious play style and make conservative bets until they’re more comfortable playing poker online.  Over time, players will develop a strategy that is unique to them, but until then, there is no harm in reading up on some of the more prolific poker strategies on the web.

Avoid Tilting

Keep your head in the game. New gamers are always prone to Tilting, or playing erratically after a big loss. This leads to gamers governing their moves with their emotions instead of logic, which is the quickest way to go bust. It’s important for new players to remember that even the keenest of card sharks have losing days.

Brush Up on Your Stats

Though it might not seem like it at first glance, poker is almost entirely a mathematical game. Gamers with a knack for statistics will find that learning the starting hands and calculating their pot odds will significantly increase your chances of coming out on top. You won’t lose any less, but you’ll learn when the odds are in your favor to make big bets.